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Black History Month Fundraiser: Healthcare Equity Initiative

In honour of Black History Month, PP4P launched a fundraiser to support healthcare equity in black communities. All proceeds raised will go to two very important organizations, both of which work to reduce the gap between white and black minority health, and advocate for a more equitable healthcare system.



1) Black Health Alliance

2) Birth Equity Collaborative

Focus: Targets the key issues that impact black communities in Canada

Focus: Aims to minimize the discrepancy between caucasian and black maternal health

A bit about the gap:

The discrepancies between white and black minority health are largely due to variations in access to health care, quality of healthcare, structural racism/implicit bias, and social differences like economic status and living environments. Linked below, are some great resources that expand on the roots of these issues.

How these organizations push for change:

  • Education and Advocacy - raising awareness, creating/providing resources, activism!

  • Policy Change - prioritizing systemic change through policy.

  • Research - lead studies, collect data, create resources.

  • Funding - provision of resources, reducing the economic burden of privatized healthcare.

Clips and Reads - these resources expand more on the inequities in our healthcare system:

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