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Penpal Program Launch: Penpals4peace x Madagascar School Project

In Spring 2022, Penpals4peace is partnering with Kathy Lucking, founder of the Madagascar School Project, to send 15 Malagasy children to school through the toonie twinning program.

Kathy began this organization in 2007 after volunteering at an orphanage in Madagascar when she saw the number of children who lived in poverty and didn’t attend school. This elementary school teacher took matters into her own hands to start an organization that provides education for Malagasy children and has projects regarding reforestation, micro-finance, supporting health, sustainable energy, economic sustainability, farming, and teacher training.

Volunteers from Penpals4peace will email back and forth with Malagasy children to connect. Similarly, like the project Penpals4peace did with the Al-Shoomuk school in Yemen last year, each volunteer will be assigned to a student for the school year to introduce themselves, talk about their interests, and whatever they would like. These email exchanges will encourage perspective-taking, foster possible new interests, and hone reading and writing skills.

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