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A Car Wash for a Good Cause: Penpals4peace x Carwash4Yemen

market of clay pots

On August 8th 2020, Penpals4Peace partnered up with Carwash4Yemen for its first community event in the organization's history. The days leading up to the carwash involved handing out close to 500 flyers in the neighbouring areas of the carwash and countless calls to organize the event.

The carwash was a huge success with over 100 volunteers and three different organizations coming together for a sole purpose; to aid and educate people on the humanitarian crisis occurring in Yemen. Collectively, $5255.00 were made and $1000 in pin sales were made. This was enough to feed 260 children, feed 54 families for a month, provide living essentials to 34 families in need and provide urgent medical care to 20 people.

The money was further utilized to send PPE equipment to Al-Shumookh school in Yemen as well as send school supplies for the upcoming school year. Penpals4Peace would like to thank IFS Toronto, CARWASH4YEMEN and Islamic Relief for all their contributions and efforts in the success of this event. See you at the next car wash!

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